CTHRU Stabilization "Rainy Day" Fund

The Commonwealth Stabilization Fund (or "rainy day" fund) accounts for amounts calculated in accordance with State Finance Law (Chapter 29, Section 5C of the General Laws) and maintains a reserve to enhance the Commonwealth's fiscal stability. The FY2020 Stabilization Fund balance includes interest earned by the Stabilization Fund in FY2020, income tax withholding on certain transfers of Lottery prizes, and 10% of the tax on the gaming profits generated by the Springfield and Everett casinos. There have been no outflows from the Stabilization Fund in FY2020. The FY2019 Stabilization Fund balance is preliminary, and will be finalized when the Comptroller's Office issues its FY2020 Statuatory Basis Financial Report (SBFR), which is due by October 31, 2020.
Fiscal Year-End and Current Stabilization Fund Balances (in $ Millions)
(FY2020 Balance is as of September 19, 2019)
Stabilization Chart Inflows and Outflows (in $ Millions)

Andrew W. Maylor, Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
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